Athenians vs Houston

Spectacular victory for Athenians in the first home game

In a thrilling home opener, the San Antonio Athenians showcased their dominance with an 8-0 victory over AC Houston Sur, marking a significant start to their season in the Lone Star Division of the USL W League.

From the first whistle, the Athenians took control of the game, displaying skill, coordination, and relentless attacking play. The home crowd was treated to an exhilarating performance as the team set the tone for the rest of the season.

Match Highlights

18′ – Mariana Medrano Sanchez: The scoring began with a precise finish by Mariana Medrano Sanchez, setting the stage for the Athenians’ onslaught.
20′ – Chiara Singarella: Just two minutes later, Chiara Singarella doubled the lead with a powerful strike, leaving the AC Houston Sur defense scrambling.
49′ – Meredith Caviglia: The second half saw no respite for the visitors as Meredith Caviglia found the net, making it 3-0.
52′, 55′, 58′ – Chiara Singarella: Singarella completed her hat-trick in spectacular fashion, scoring three goals in quick succession and showcasing her incredible finishing ability.
77′ – Meredith Caviglia: Caviglia added her second of the match, further extending the lead.
81′ – Kristen Prevosto: Kristen Prevosto got on the scoresheet with a well-timed goal, delighting the home supporters.
87′ – Melissa Bailey: The final goal of the match came from Melissa Bailey, capping off an extraordinary performance by the Athenians.
The match was not just a display of offensive prowess but also a testament to the team’s solid defense and midfield control, which prevented AC Houston Sur from mounting any significant threats.

Post-Match Reactions

Head Coach Iban Lopez praised the team’s effort and execution, stating, “This was a fantastic way to start our home campaign. The players showed great determination and teamwork. We’re looking forward to building on this performance throughout the season.”

Looking Ahead

The San Antonio Athenians have set a high standard with this opening performance, sending a clear message to their rivals in the Lone Star Division. Fans can look forward to more exciting matches and outstanding displays of talent as the season progresses.

Go Athenians!

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